I make crosswords, sometimes with my husband Kevin!

Together, we run, an indie crossword site where you can play our original puzzles and make your own using Crossworthy Construct, our free construction platform. You can find some of our Crossworthy puzzles on the Redstone Games app.

Additionally, I’m part of the 2022 Lil AVC X roster! Learn more and subscribe to AVCX+ here.

Published Puzzles

  • 4/26/22: “Roadtrip Playlist,” Inkubator Crosswords book (with Barb Lin)
  • 3/21/22: “Good Luck,” Lil AVC X
  • 12/2/21: “Off the Hook,” Inkubator
  • 9/29/21: “Picture This!,” Universal (with Kevin)
  • 9/24/21: “Spy Novel,” Spyscape (with Kevin)
  • 2/14/21: “February 14,” 7×7 puzzles (with Kevin)

Other stuff

  • 4/1/22: “Some sigh-ber jokes for April Fool’s Day,” Washington Post, Aaron Schaffer
  • 3/24/22: “All in the Game of Love,” New York Times, Alexis Benveniste (photos by Marissa Leshnov)
We were interviewed for an NYT article!